All athletic paperwork is to be turned into the IHMS front office. 

Required Athletic Participation Forms:

KSHSAA requires a sports physical of student athletes every year after May 1st. 

Required for Participation in Cross Country Off-Campus Running Form:


Medical Provider for Student Athletes 

SMSD recommends all student athletes have an established, ongoing relationship with a medical provider. 

  • Injuries requiring a visit to/treatment from a medical provider are easier/quicker to schedule for established patients. Injured athletes want to return to their sport as soon as possible instead of waiting days/weeks to see a medical provider as a new patient. 
  • Athletes suspected of a concussion can only be cleared to return to play by an MD, DO. 
  • Athletes diagnosed with COVID-19 can only be cleared to return to play by an MD, DO, or APRN. 
  • Current updated immunizations are required of all students per KS statute. SMSD excludes students from attending school/athletics without being appropriately immunized. Students receiving ongoing medical care are likely to remain up to date on immunizations and do not risk exclusion from participation. 
  • Always check with your insurance provider for a list of health care providers. 
  • Athletes who are uninsured/underinsured may contact the below to become established for medical care: 
    • Health Partnership Clinic (913)648-2266 
    • Mercy and Truth (913)248-9965